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Wedding Sneak Peek

Yesterday my brother got married. Goodness knows my family needed another girl. Here’s a quick peek at the extravaganza.  Continue reading

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Oh Brother

Tomorrow my baby brother is getting married.

A year and a half ago he called me; I answered from my hospital bed. “Don’t freak out. But I have something to share.” (For those interested, never a good idea to request a bedridden, hospitalized, highly hormonal pregnant mother of multiples to not “freak out.” It’s not going to go your way.) Continue reading

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Muppets Take Monterey: The Royal Wedding (Part I)

By the time I got home from work on Thursday, the muppets were sound asleep. When I woke them up two hours into their good night’s sleep, Search eyed me suspiciously. We headed off to the airport to meet Auntie Beeca and Uncle Bryan. When the Portlandian’s flight landed, I texted Beeca, “I hope your hubbie plays a mean game of Tetris.”

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Muppets Take Monterey: Carmel-by-the-Sea

Did you miss us? Feel lost without entertaining new posts to read?

The muppets and I spent the past weekend in Carmel for my girlfriend’s wedding. Maureen is one of the “lovelies,” so we had a reunion. Continue reading