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Reaction to the Rain


We live in California; our golden state is known for it’s glorious sunshine and lack of rain. Except it totally does rain here.

(Born and raised in Southern California I grew accustomed to panicked news reports about The Drought, interspersed by STORM WATCH news reports of the occasional flash flood. Then I moved to Northern California just in time for El Nino and spent the winter trying to convince my college roommate that we should forgo our studies to build an ark despite the location of our dorm on the 11th floor of the building.) Continue reading

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The Festive Forrest (and a lot of rain)

Another major storm was sweeping through the Bay Area. The weather forecast read 100% chance of rain (not “showers” – downpour soak you through and through). So naturally we thought – this would be the perfect day to drive up to the local mountains, hike the hills and cut down this season’s Stream Christmas Tree.

Also, wouldn’t it be fun to take the two toddlers with us? It’ll be an adventure! (Yes. I am well aware this was a blog post in the making.) Continue reading