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An Open Letter to my Sons on Their Second Birthday

Dear Search and Destroy,

I’m shocked to admit it, but we’ve made it two years. As I write this, the clock has hit 1:32 p.m. You have been out in this world for two years.

Two at two. Nuts. Continue reading


The 100-Acre Woods

Several people have already inquired about the absence of a blog last night. PANIC! THE WORLD IS ENDING! (I paraphrase.)

As the party wrapped up, it became readily apparent that this was likely the coldest day in the Bay Area. Ever. Or, it may have been the 102-fever I was festively sporting. Jon sent me off to bed even before the muppets went down. My interweb privileges were revoked for fear of what I may write/text/email whilst delirious.

(Interestingly enough, this was not terribly far off from how I felt two years ago.) Continue reading