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Mothers of Multiples are Freaks of Nature

It is both and funny and sad because it is oh-so-true.

Anymore questions? Here’s your cookie…


Growing Up

Happy Birthday GrammaJ!

My mom was 28 when she had me. Now I’m 29 and she has two grandkids. It’s a whole new generation – and hopefully I’ll be able to do as good a job as she.

In celebration of GrammaJ’s birthday and growing up, little Destroy has chosen today as the day he officially graduates into the next size up of clothing – 3-6 months. At only seven weeks adjusted, our muppet is in the proper size clothing for his actual age of four and a half months. On a slightly stinkier note, he has also demonstrated his need to move up to size 2 diapers.

In honor of the next generation, I thought we could all enjoy some Silicon Valley humor:

How Today’s Twins are Made

(Not the muppets)

May your next year be filled with double trouble, twins and the growing up on their end…