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Neonatal Nurses Day 2013

Before I Die

Sunday, Sept. 15, was National Neonatal Nurses Day. They deserve a day. The infant mortality rate can be a measure of a nation’s health and social condition. So these amazing people really do hold the world in their hands. Continue reading

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An International Thanksgiving

My godfather Mario (and GrampaStavo’s best friend – the two originally known in our family circle as “Two Gentlemen From Verona) stood among the 27 people gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. “And we, WE are the original pilgrims,” he announced proudly, raising his glass for a toast.

My dad swiftly interrupted. “And he’s the original turkey!” he shouted, pointing at Mario. Continue reading


Happy Healthy Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving! If ever there was a year to be thankful for life’s little blessings – this is the one.

Thanksgiving has always signaled the start of the holiday season to me. (Forget the Christmas creep in the retail establishment where carols are piped throughout stores beginning in August…) It’s the first long weekend as the year wraps up – a holiday appetizer if you will. The day after Thanksgiving is the appropriate time to begin seeing holiday lights brighten neighborhoods and acknowledge ones fashionable affinity toward a red and green color combination.

Every year around this time, I once again think to myself, “This is my favorite time of year!” We have a tree in our front yard that sheds its leaves (making a complete mess, but it’s a California girl’s taste of an actual season). Inevitably, shortly after making such a declaration to myself, I emerge from the comfort of my toasty sheets and am hit smack in the face with the abrasive cold of winter.

This past week, I have felt my cheeks pink right up as I watched my breath fog up my glasses each morning. I love this season, I love this season, I love this….IT’S COLD! The Bay Area has been setting record lows lately. The temperatures are dipping into the 20s overnight and our highs are around 50. (Before anyone from arctic regions starts in on me: See above comment about being a California girl. 50 degrees is cold, and anything below 32 actually, scientifically, is freezing.) Disclosure – I fully admit to being a weather wimp. I prefer not to see any Fahrenheit reading below 70 or above 80.

This holiday season has such special meaning because, as you all know, it’s the muppets first celebration. Right around this time last year is when I found out we were expecting and the whole adventure began. Today, we made the trek up to spend the day with some dear friends. I remember spending a holiday with Auntie Beeeca 11 years ago; we were freshmen in college. This year we spent the day chasing our children around. How times change.

I fully intend to regale you with the tales of the Muppets First Thanksgiving special. But with the culinary wonders of our hosts to blame, Jon and I are succumbing to the tryptophan’s sweet embrace. Family, friends, food and fun;, this holiday season is going to one to remember. And I am thankful.

  • I am thankful for our million dollar miracle muppets.
  • I am thankful for my amazing husband without whom I don’t know how I could have survived this roller coaster.
  • I am thankful for my family, whose love and support has given the muppets one heck of an amazing start.
  • I am thankful for my friends, who voluntarily chose to partake in the craziness and love the muppets as unconditionally as our family.
  • I am thankful for our Kaiser nurses. June, Susan, Ann, Jennifer (s), Margaret, and so many more, who spent two and a half months helping the muppets get big and strong.
  • I am thankful for the doctors who put up with a paranoid me while they did everything they could to make sure we’d have million dollar miracle muppets to be thankful for.
  • I am thankful we have someone who cares for our muppets with such skill that we leave home with complete peace of mind.
  • I am thankful for my furry four-legged sons because, well, dogs make me happy.
  • I am thankful I have a happy story to tell. I am also thankful (and ready) to start a new chapter in a new year.

I wish you all a healthy, happy and holiday season at home with your loved ones. And for being a part of the muppets lives – even just by reading their story – thank you.