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The Scars, They Remind Me

There is a scar on Destroy’s forehead.

It is the lasting result of a WATCH THIS experiment gone awry. (Or at least that’s the story they’re telling us. It very well could have been a curse rebounding upon the evil out to get him. I can assure you, Lilly Potter had nothing on my fierce determination to protect my million dollar miracle muppets. Miracles? Magic? Same thing.) Continue reading


Career Goals

Happy Bloggiversary to me! Stream of the Conscious turns 2 today.

Feb. 2, 2010, I announced to a readership of, well, me, that I was pregnant. This was going to be just one of the many “look at how cute my kid is” blogs with cheesy photos of a round me holding a onesie by my side at a baby shower. How droll.

Yeah. I didn’t see those plot twists coming either. Continue reading


A World of Pure Imagination

As a matter of routine, the muppets and I ventured forth to Target last night. We had a list of items we needed on our errands. We meandered down the office aisles to pick up some CDs so we can share the latest brilliant Keary Dee captured images of our family with the muppets’ adoring masses.

I looked down and saw a Mickey Mouse themed hardcover notebook calling to me from the impulse buy aisle end. Continue reading