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Broken: When Things Fall to Pieces

Granola Bar

After a winter with weather that never dipped below a balmy 70 degrees, the first quarter of 2014 rolled in with storm clouds close behind. The northeast sky was a cerulean blue dotted with puffy white cotton clouds. But the southwest city line wore an angry gray wall of rain.

The idyllic peace of ongoing California sunshine was about to shatter. Continue reading

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The Dinosaur and the Watermelon (Based on a True Story)

Dinosaur Watermelon

Once upon a time there was a dinosaur.

He said RAWR. Others laughed when he rawred. Sometimes they would rawr back, which would make the dinosaur rawr louder.

Everyone would laugh. There would be more rawring. Louder rawring.

So much rawring can make a dinosaur hungry. (Dinosaurs can get very cranky if their blood sugar gets low, you know.)

But this story is about a smart dinosaur. Continue reading