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Winecone Wednesday – Evolution of Words Edition

F-bomb. Sexting. Flexitarian. Obesogenic. Energy drink. Life coach.

What do these words have in common? They’re all newly minted in the word nerd bible, “The Oxford English Dictionary.”

Crazy huh? But proves the point. Language evolves.

So we’re going to do something a little different today. And think about the communication of our winecones. Continue reading

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Winecone Wednesday – Proud Papa Edition

Hallmark demands you rush out and buy and ugly tie. Perhaps experiment with fingerpaint to stamp the hands and feet of your mini-me on a rectangular-ish pillow. Because what says I honor your male parenting abilities and celebrate fatherhood more than a cartoon character on a card vaguely insinuating sexual acts. (Although really, that is how you got into this situation in the first place. Just sayin’. And also, I found this rather unsettling as I searched for a card to send my own father – not my husband.)

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Continue reading


Winecone Wednesday – Shadows of the Sun Edition

Yesterday, at sunset, Venus made its last trek in front of the sun for the next century and some change. (And this once in a lifetime information comes to me from NASA, not a Facebook posting hoax. Unless NASA is trying to distract us all with shiny astrological objects. Totally plausible.) Continue reading

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Winecone Wednesday – MAYDAY! Edition

Mayday! Mayday! Time is passing us by at a pace I prefer not to admit. We get our routines down and day in day out we try to learn to look back while moving forward.

So, in order to spice things up – I’m throwing out a game. One of my colleagues shared this with me. I was horrified to realize this genius is something I have never before partaken in. What you need is a core group who’s “in the know.” (That’s you.) We have a key word/phrase that needs to be somehow incorporated into a meeting or presentation.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the phrase SadBanana this week. Continue reading

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Winecone Wednesday – All Out Edition

I wrote it all down. And then I deleted it. Because sometimes you just need a fresh start. Or ice cream. I’ve been clicking refresh for hours now. I think I’ve reached the end of the interwebs.

<Gasp> The world is flat and it’s 72 dpi. The game is up! Continue reading

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Wineconed Wednesday – My Very Own Patron Saint Edition

Granted, I’m a few days early – but it is Wednesday. And Patricia is the feminine form of Patrick (that’s what the T in TCStream is for; just go with it); St. Patrick, of course is the pagan patron saint of this weekend’s holiday revelry.

Also, I’m Irish. KISS ME!

(Ok fine – half Irish, that totally still counts.) Continue reading

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Wineconed Wednesday – He Who Must Not Be Named Edition

This week, over at A Nervous Tic Motion

You may have heard about this week’s controversy – a certain political shock jock thought it would be a good idea to resort to grade school name-calling, presumably to bolster ratings. Continue reading

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