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Terrors in the Night


The screaming began right around midnight.

“MOMMMMEEEEEEE!!!” It continued to gain in hysteria, growing louder and louder until a trembling child was pooled in heap upon the newly displaced dog bed.

(The dog has recently demonstrated a serious phobia of smoke alarms. I’ve recently decided to start cooking in a healthier lifestyle adoption. Kid and dog were likely going for a quid pro quo kinda thing.) Continue reading

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Swimmin’ With the Fishies


The first full weekend after the holiday break was upon us. After an interminable Saturday morning spent entirely indoors, I looked over at Jon and inquired, “What are we doing tomorrow? Because we’re not staying here.”

This morning we awoke to the dreary drizzly gloom of a winter rain. So our natural inclination was to pack up the boys and head south to (not-even-a-little) sunny Monterey for an excursion to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Continue reading


Feel (Find or Fear) the Teal

We’re a baseball family – bleeding Dodger blue and/or enjoying Green Collar baseball. (Different leagues. Don’t judge me.) But one of the muppets little friends had himself a San Jose Sharks hockey party today.

Now taking the ice: No. 2, Jackson Sawyer. Continue reading


Hockey: Soccer with Sticks?

I attended my very first hockey game last night – at the San Jose Shark Tank amid of sea of teal. I have never seen a hockey game before. Mostly, because it is not baseball.

For one of our very first dates, Jon and I got good seats to a baseball game. We sat through it in an almost reverent silence – there was no chatting/get to know you banter. Game was on!

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