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Voices of the Year

This is a Yay Me post. If that bothers you, come back tomorrow to see if I’ve done something like flash the church parking lot or dropped my child on his head.

BlogHer is a community and media company created in partnership with women in social media. I’m kind of enamoured with it. I’m a women in social media! It’s a place for people of all different walks of life and experience to come together and share their stories. Continue reading


Behind Every Statistic is a Story

In college I lived with four girls in an apartment. I was known for running into the living room hallway to tell my stories. It was my little spotlight.

We’ve since grown up and moved away from our little starter apartment. But I’m still telling stories. And today I’m using this blog as my spotlight.

To share the statistics.

Because we are the story behind them. Continue reading

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Winecone Wednesday – MAYDAY! Edition

Mayday! Mayday! Time is passing us by at a pace I prefer not to admit. We get our routines down and day in day out we try to learn to look back while moving forward.

So, in order to spice things up – I’m throwing out a game. One of my colleagues shared this with me. I was horrified to realize this genius is something I have never before partaken in. What you need is a core group who’s “in the know.” (That’s you.) We have a key word/phrase that needs to be somehow incorporated into a meeting or presentation.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the phrase SadBanana this week. Continue reading

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When You Go After Honey With A Balloon, Don’t Let The Bees Know You’re Coming

There has definitely been a general funk surrounding us all lately. Depression, crankiness, corporate intrigue…even The Bloggess noted we may all be on a similar cycle.

For me personally, part of my present struggle has to do with the rabbit hole of this time period – the blur that leads up to my inauguration as a preemie parent some two years ago.

It’s certainly been an adventure. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Guilty Mother

“He always smiles like he’s got a secret,” Search’s teacher informed me.

Nobody knows it but you’ve got a secret smile
And you use it only for me

And with his wry little half-smirk, I have no doubt that he does. You see, Search and Destroy know the secret of life.

I have a confession; my own secret behind the smile. My idea for the name of this blog was originally A Stream Triple Threat. You see, there were initially three. Continue reading


World Prematurity Day

This is prematurity.

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Report Cards Part II – Grade Premature

As I mentioned yesterday, my state seems to be struggling slightly when it comes to the whole reading and math concepts. (Clearly their parents never read them Harold and the Purple Crayon…)

But there was another report card that just came out too: The March of Dimes 2011 Premature Birth Report Cards. And the sunny state of California earned a B – above average. 10.3 percent of under-gestationally ready babies. (Haha.) Continue reading

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Motherhood Uncovered: Prematurity is a Pain

Today’s Motherhood Uncovered post celebrates November as Prematurity Awareness Month by taking a closer look at the signs and symptoms that may lead to tiny babies.  Continue reading

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When Talking to Parents of Tiny People

Earlier this month, I came across an article imploring people to think before they speak when talking to preemie parents. The author was mortified that someone close to her had called her two-month premature son a “monkey baby.” As such, a community of preemie parents had banded together to create a list of the Top Ten Things Not to Say to Parents of Preemies. Continue reading



Maxwell Carter Harrison

Maxwell Carter was born last Sunday at a healthy 6lbs. 12oz. He was full term. I couldn’t wait to meet him; and I was thrilled with the prospect of seeing a newborn without any wires.

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