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Mission Debrief: Bedtime

Mission Debrief

This mission is not for the faint of heart.

Objective: Get children into bed for duration of the night.
Subjects: Two (2) 3-year-olds, highly skilled in art of stalling. Continue reading


Splash! It’s Potty Time

TP Disaster

For those curious, it is not possible to flush an entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet – cardboard roll and all. Even if you climb into the bowl to help shove it down.  Continue reading


Potty Like a Rock Star

I diapered the muppets. For fun (I know – we get ca-razy here), I let the boys wander around in their diapers while I went to dispose of the evidence.

In the 60 seconds I was away, I heard a crash and a cackle. Continue reading

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