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Star of the Week: Search

Search Poster

Each week one member of Search and Destroy’s preschool class is selected to be STAR OF THE WEEK. It is only fair I share such an honor with you.

I remember the excitement of these things when I was their age. (I believe it was Special Helper back when I was a wee kinder.) We even got a special paper cut out badge pinned to our shirts. The muppets get a whole poster dedicated to their fantastic little persons. (And they get to be line leader, which is apparently a BIG deal in the 3-year-old class.)

The week of April 14 is “All About Search!” Continue reading

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Showers and Sprinkles

My girlfriend is expecting a Little Miss this Halloween. Yesterday was her baby shower. It was a pink explosion. Hot pink tablecloths, pale pink frosted cookies, tutus surrounding the perimeter and princess wands for the expected princess.

In our group of friends, the scales of the next generation tilt heavily toward cooler hues of blue on the rainbow spectrum. Continue reading