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Naptime Nowadays


We still put the boys down to “rest.” Science may say that naps are no longer healthy after the age of 2, but I would like to invite Science to come deal with muppets after a long day and no nap.

(Also, I am 34 and still greatly enjoy naps. So does most of Europe. Suck it Science.)

So this weekend, we once again fought the valiant naptime battle. Continue reading

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No Naptime (Or When Toddlers Try Shock Their Parents Via an Exposed Electrical Socket – Literally)

We had a wonderful weekend morning – an early awakening, Eggos and eggs for breakfast, and then we set out for Stan’s Donuts and pumpkin carving kits. (We do try hard to portray the image of picture perfect suburban bliss. Conscious attempts at this illusion result in blog posts.)

When 12:30 rolled around, we headed upstairs – muppets not terribly thrilled with the idea of naptime and mommy and daddy REALLY praying for above-par powers of persuasion. Turns out, they suck. Continue reading


The Naptime Rebellion

Destroy was determined to be one of the ringleaders in the (now-quelled) preschool nap rebellion. (I maintain this shows fabulous leadership potential.) Our hero was spirited off to the Chateau D’If to serve out his sentence. (Ok fine, he got moved to another classroom where there were less small people to incite.)

So coincidence or no that this was also the first week the little men transitioned to Big Boy beds? You decide.

Today was the first Big Boy bed nap attempt. Ladies and gentlemen – the sheen is far dulled during daylight hours. Continue reading


A Day in the Life

Today we got the muppets’ back-to-school schedule they’re starting school this coming August (They grow up so fast!)

I won’t lie. I’m jealous. Continue reading

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