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What’s My Name Again?

I am pleased to share that after this past week’s adventures in p-neumonia, cadet has now been prescribed Amoxicillin. (You ever feel we’re facing a future where many of the greatest great band names will come be the direct result of Auto Correct? I can see it now: Cadet – with lead guitarist, Search Stream.) Continue reading


Great Band Names (and other things I never thought I’d say)

Musicality is embedded in my genes. My grandfather was a Big Band guitarist. My cousin is a budding saxophoning phenom. I played piano and fancied myself a budding composer until retiring as a starving artist in fifth grade when Mrs. Soyster moved to San Francisco.

Tangent: Isn’t every child forced to take piano lessons until age 10? In other news, we have a piano in our house now. And both a right- and left-handed guitar – electric and acoustic. And I bought a drum set for my friend’s 2-year old (because being on hospital lockdown makes you find odd ways of amusing yourself  do crazy things). Surprisingly, she still talks to me. But I digress… Continue reading