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How Did Your Blog Get Its Name?

One of the most common questions posed during my recent New York adventure was, “How did your blog get its name?”

The title of a blog is your first introduction – it can be simply a name or a reflection of the theme within. By design, a blog is often named before the content even begins flowing. Because we need a place to call home for the future of our words. Continue reading


Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of Mistaken Identity

Teacher: Where is… Emma?

Emma: <Giggles and points to self>

Teacher: Where is…Jamison?

Jamison: <Giggles and points to self>

Teacher: Where is…Destroy?

Destroy: <Confused look> Hi!

Teacher: Where is Destroy? Are you Destroy?

Destroy: <Looks thoughtfully at his teacher, toddles over toward Search>

Search: Sigh. <Points forcefully at Destroy with exasperated expression>

Destroy: <Happily points back at Search>

Teacher: That’s Search. *You’re* Destroy.

Destroy: No. Brother.