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The Bell Curve of Development (or Mitch’s Bitches)

I got home late for dinner. “Hang on a sec – you’re impugning one of the bitches…” Uncle Mark was saying as I plopped into my seat.

Hey – I’m not one to judge. Who’s a bitch?

“My bitches,” said my 16-year-old cousin Mitch. Continue reading


Happy Birthday Muppets?

What? Don’t worry; you’re not going crazy. The muppets turned one 10 weeks ago. You may remember that big muppet-themed HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY shindig. Continue reading

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Happy Homecomings

What a difference a year makes.

Home. A year ago Saturday that was my post. Destroy came home from the NICU on August 6. Tomorrow, August 9, is the anniversary of Search’s homecoming. Continue reading