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AlliOSNews Does Not Live in a Pineapple Under the Sea


Did you know I actually work with Clinton from AlliOSNews in my real life? Yup. But he lives in the U.K. I live in Silicon Valley (the motherland (Steveland?) of the Infinite Apple Loop cult). And a couple weeks ago, Clinton visited us yankees during a business trip to our company’s corporate headquarters.

To properly integrate him back into stateside culture, we took Clinton to a baseball game, and later in the week – we dined at the hotspot of overindulgence largesse, The Cheesecake Factory. (Bazinga!) Continue reading

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North is Up (and Other Directional Observations)

Never. Eat. Shredded. Wheat.

Those four words sum up my directional abilities in their entirety. They represent the four pointed options on a compass.

Easy enough. But here’s where it gets tricky: the above is a static stationary image. If I move, there is no guarantee it will move. Then we end up going in varying directions. Continue reading