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World Prematurity Day 2014

Prematurity copy

Destroy came tearing around the living room corner, slip-n-sliding face first into the kitchen island – a less coordinated Risky Business move across the hardwood floors in Batman socks and Avengers Underoos.

There was a pause, as my little superhero decided whether to resume his reign of destruction or scream bloody murder. “I’m ok!” he decided before taking off again toward the certain doom of a Lego strewn floor. Continue reading

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Prematurity Awareness Month: One Day More

Prematurity Awareness

Les Miserable – a musical based on a rather morose Victor Hugo novel about a group of young idealists making one last stand at the tail end of a failed French revolution. And I’m told it apparently makes a decent movie too. (It’s on my list to see.)

I have always liked the soundtrack. And it recently it occurred to me that the song, “One Day More” – sung by the ragtag gang of doomed boys – isn’t all that far off from the fight against prematurity. Continue reading

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Behind Every Statistic is a Story

In college I lived with four girls in an apartment. I was known for running into the living room hallway to tell my stories. It was my little spotlight.

We’ve since grown up and moved away from our little starter apartment. But I’m still telling stories. And today I’m using this blog as my spotlight.

To share the statistics.

Because we are the story behind them. Continue reading

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