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Tiny Disguises

This weekend is the muppets first holiday. Technically, they’ve already celebrated Independence Day and Labor Day – but this is the first holiday with muppet-specific planned events.

Perhaps it’s the weather. It’s chilly, slightly gloomy and very blustery. We’ve got a pumpkin on our porch and some very decoratively enthusiastic neighbors. Leaves now litter our tree-lined street and the arbor skeletons beckon to spirited children.

Halloween is here!

This is the first time in a very long time I’ve been so excited about All Souls Day. Two years ago, I was thrilled because we had a house and I was going to get trick-or-treaters. And even though they’re still a bit young, we have our own little monsters this year.

As several people have pointed out, yes, the muppets are too young to appreciate dressing up. Yes, I am aware of this and no, I am not driving the sport utility stroller door to door in a citywide search for fun-size candies. However, they will be participating in a parade at my work and attending a costume brunch on Saturday. Sunday, they’ll be home helping me hand out candy to the local disguised tricksters.

I issued a pop quiz to Gramma J – what did Paul and I dress up as each year of our childhood. She responded, “Are you kidding me?”

If my memory serves, I spent my childhood as a clown, witch, Barbie, angel, rabbit, Phantom of the Opera and, my personal creative favorite, a yellow Crayola crayon. My brother was a pirate, Indian, dinosaur, Care Bear GI Joe, and Ryne Sandberg.

I’m not sharing what the muppets are dressing up as just yet. I know many of you already know – but for those who don’t, let’s save the surprise for the big day. I’ll give you a hint. Despite my best efforts to procure the costumes, the boys are not going to be muppets.

I’m excited and eager for the memories. They grow up so fast.