Happy Halloween: Disguises through the years (2017 Edition)

Their seventh Halloween is upon us. And true to their nature, mild-mannered Search and Destroy revealed their superhero identities in a quest for candy!

2017 – MARVELous Men (Wolverine and Thor)

2016 – Avengers Assemble! (Captain America and Iron Man)

2015 – Robots in Disguise (BumbleBee and Optimus Prime)

2014 – Handsome Leading Movie Men (Darth “Dark” Vader and Prince Charming

2013 – Monsters Inc. (Mike Wazowski and “big blue monster” Sully)

2012 – Dragons (RAWR)

2011 – The Muppets! (Fozzie Bear and Kermit)

2010 – Wild Aminals (Mommy’s Monkey and the Little Lion)

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