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Wordless Wednesday: School Photos

There was once a time when school photos were relegated to the abyss of a proud grandparents wallet. Now Mommy has a blog.





Let the chaos commence.

Let the chaos commence.

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Bike Ride Boondoggle


It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning. The blue skies called for us to get out of the house. What a perfect day for a bike ride through the nearby open space preserve to visit the local working farm – the animals would surely be out soaking up the winter warmth and socializing with their human admirers. A picture perfect idyllic family moment.

We loaded up the bikes and clamored into the car – Destroy already donning his helmet in preparation.

Apparently a good number of others had the same idea. The tiny parking lots were packed. We circled. So Jon dropped me and the boys off at the trail head and set off to procure parking. This is where our stories diverge. Continue reading


The Incident (or Baby’s First Emergency Room Visit)

ER Sign

It took three and a half years. We experienced our first Emergency Room visit.

Ok, technically it’s only been three years due to that whole extended hospital stay and resulting paranoid ER runs due to a wheezy case of the sniffles. (Which I steadfastly maintain is actually prudent preemie preservation.) Continue reading


A Cinderella Story

Cinderella Movie

You think I’m about to tell you a story about over-working young children, forcing the youth of the house to bear the burden of unwanted chores. However, with the exception of the poor abused laundry machine forced to scrub the soiled garments of twins who refuse to potty train, this is a tale of the Walt Disney Classic. Continue reading

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Soccer Shock


At age 4, I joined the Wild Cats in the youngest division of AYSO region 72. Family legend says I was relatively cooperative during weekly practice, but would have nothing to do with the games. In spite of looking absolutely adorable in my black and white uniform.

One of my earliest actual memories is standing in the goal, swimming in a jersey that was way to big, before running off the field toward my parents because I didn’t want to play anymore. But I’d stayed on the field tear free for almost half the game! A new personal best. Continue reading



Twin painting

I thought my little angels were upstairs sleeping peacefully. And then I heard stirring through the monitor.

Destroy: RAWR
Search: Noooo. No rawr, Destroy. We need to sleep now, k?
Destroy: rawr.
Destroy: Argh!!! He bite me!!! Continue reading

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Then and Now


Happy third birthday, Muppets. Continue reading


An Open Letter to my Sons on Their Third Birthday

Letter to my sons

Time really is ethereal – something simply in the eye of the beholder. When we began our journey, three months took a lifetime; it seems surreal that it’s now been three years.

Three years ago doctors talked to me in hushed tones of couched optimism. I mourned the loss of what should have been instead of celebrating your arrival. But this year I looked forward to Memorial Day. It’s time to look forward to all of your milestones, instead of back on the ones we missed. Continue reading


The Attention Span of a Toddler


You may have noticed that most small ones have the attention span of a newt. And although I do not deem to know precisely the intentions of the diapered hamster in my son’s brain, toddling furiously upon his wheel, I’m pretty confident in asserting the thoughts are all over the place.

So today we have a guest blog of sorts. Below is an actual conversation (monologue really) as one of everyone’s favorite muppets navigated his evening. I am not making this up. Continue reading


Happy Mother’s Day. I Might Have P-neumonia


It was supposed to be a footloose, fun and fancy-free girl’s weekend on the beach. We’d been planning our getaway for almost six months. Because when you’re a mom, these things take time to organize.

It was supposed to be. It was not. Continue reading